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Requests for Holiday Season

Since the holidays are coming up, I'm offering icon requests to all, little presents to you. Feel free to post as many pictures as you want, and whether you want them to be shareable or non. :)
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Friends Only!

Friend the journal to see entries. Don't join, just friend. Thanks!

After you friend, if you are approved for seeing previous entries and you credit properly and have commented on an entry, I will send an invitation to join.

But, to be a member of the community and if you want to view past entries, you MUST comment when you download my icons from a post. If you don't comment and credit, you won't be accepted.

For viewing my entries, it is recommended that you use a browser like Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Netscape Navigator, or Flock. Otherwise, just download images to your computer to see them in their true format.

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I have removed quite a number of my affiliates. If those people who were affiliated with me and want to stay affiliated, that's fine with me.

Why did I remove them? When you want to be affiliated with a community, you generally want to be affiliated with whatever that person does with their community and the work that they do. I think what makes good affiliates is if you actually talk to those people. I always keep the person's LJ on my friends list so I can check it everyday. When I see their updates, I automatically look at their icons if they interest me. You don't need to even take their icons, but I think that if you want to be an affiliate, then you need to stay in touch with their work, since that's why you had affiliated yourself with that person and their work.